Hello.  A Domestic Discipline lifestyle is not for everyone, but if you think you might be interested, please read on. 

This lifestyle is built upon a solid foundation of love, trust, respect, and commitment.  It requires patience and communication to succeed.  It is about two people working together to create a loving and harmonious atmosphere within their home.  It is being willing to put 'what is best for US', over 'what I want'!   It takes a lot of hard work to develop a loving Domestic Discipline relationship.  Domestic Discipline is NOT the same as Domestic Violence, and no one on our forum condones violence of any kind.

Joannie and Friends is a PRIVATE Domestic Discipline forum.  Our beliefs are centered on the traditional values of the Male as the Head of Household.

Most of the members on J & F are married couples, living a DD lifestyle on a 24/7 basis.  This is not a game to us; J & F is not a 'play site'.  By 'play site', I mean that this is not a forum for bratting and threats to 'play' at DD.  This is a forum to discuss issues concerning DD; problems, questions, implements, anything of concern.  We also have our lighthearted moments, and a good many of our discussions are filled with hints of humor.  There is a place for stories, another for poems, and of course we have an off topic thread to share what is happening in our lives.  There is a thread to post punishments, or to ask questions related to specific punishments.  We also have a private board for S/O's and one for Angels to discuss those matters that are best kept to one group.  I have also added a section for those with Mature DD Relationships to discuss issues that occur once you have been living a DD relationship for several years and are beyond the beginning stages we all go through to reach our comfortable level.

The men on our site are not spanked.  We all believe in the 'male as head of household'.  We discuss issues of respect and submission, and we are all at different stages of this lifestyle.

We do not discuss D/s, M/s, or BDSM.  I do not mind if other folks practice these, but it is not my thing, and I want the discussions on J & F to remain focused on DD.

One of the biggest aspects of DD is respect, and with that in mind, I ask all members to respect that other couples will practice DD in a manner they do not.  We are all different; we all have different needs within our relationships; we all have different rules and consequences.  We are not always going to agree with others, but we can still disagree without name calling and hurting feelings.  I wish for everyone to feel 'safe' about posting their thoughts or feelings.

Joannie and Friends is a private forum.  Only registered members can read and post.  I do not allow 'outing', meaning that I expect all of the members to respect each other's right to privacy.  We have a wonderful group, and I can't see that as ever becoming a problem.  Most of the members are in long-term, committed relationships, with a good many of us married for over 25 to 50+ years.  We also have 'newlyweds', and couples who are engaged.  There are a few singles, too, who have an interest in learning as they seek the right person to share this lifestyle.  I consider everyone for membership on an individual basis.

If you are OVER THE AGE OF 18, and you feel that our forum is exactly the type of discussion group in which you would be happy and comfortable, and you think that we have something worthwhile to offer your DD relationship, please send me a request telling me about yourself.  I would like to hear if you are currently practicing DD, what's going on in your life, and what you hope to find on Joannie and Friends.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Write to me at:

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